Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Dinners at  home are one of my favourite things, whether just four of us in the kitchen or in the grander larger setting of the dining room, impromptu or arranged in advance, the important thing is for everyone to enjoy themselves over good food and wine, for the conversation to flow and for there to be a relaxed atmosphere.

I love to decorate the table with antique linen table cloths and napkins, they add a certain something to the look, in the evenings I always use candles with plenty of candlesticks and flowers are a must….

White table cloth and flowers with 19th century plates and antique French knives and silver…….on the wall behind framed antique prints, we always have a large collection in the shop.

No table cloth but huge gilt bronze antique French candlesticks. Hanging on the wall behind is an 18th century Aubusson tapestry. You see our collection here

 Red roses add a touch of glamour to go with the gilt candlesticks
Our own designed Wilby candlestick with gathered silk shades and re-chargeable tea-lights is added to the table.
In the country I love to use the wild flowers that grow all around to decorate the table

Kitchen meals get the same treatment here with antique blue and white spode plates and lots of flowers and hand dyed antique pink linen napkins.

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