Monday, 11 January 2016


Finally the cold weather is coming, after the warmest and wettest December in recorded history. We have lots of new stock and the shop is looking great. Tapestries that have become a great love are in the window and hanging on the walls. They are the perfect wall hanging to  keep the cold out.  In the past they were a sign of prosperity as only the rich could afford them. They also  looked wonderful and were a reminder of warmer weather with their luxurious trees and plants,  and cavorting Gods from mythology; they also served as a barrier between the freezing cold walls of the unheated castles and grand houses of Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Decorating many large houses, they are the grandest of decoration and no longer need to serve as insulation…..

Behind a later Empire period commode, an antique tapestry always adds grandeur and warmth to a room.

Here a late 17th century tapestry hangs behind a French Restauration period commode with a pair of Louis XV style gilt lanterns hanging in front

Here the same tapestry as above has a different look with a Louis XV period commode in front of it with a wonderful rococo gilt chandelier hanging above.

Here a large Louis XV Console de Gibier stands in front of a tapestry with a pair of early 19th century chairs on either side.

20th Century Modern Tapestry By Jean Picart Le Doux. Woven in wool with a black, green and yellow cockerel or rooster on a pale blue ground with yellow stars. Available from Julia Boston Antiques, 588 King's Road, London. Decoration both modern and old, furniture, lighting and objects.
Here the 20th century is joined by the 18th century a wonderful tapestry by Jean Picard le Doux, in perfect condition hangs above a beautiful Louis XVI plumb pudding mahogany commode, the white background of the tapestry and the white marble of the commode seem to link the two pieces.
Where ever you hang a tapestry it adds warmth and character to a room they are a fraction of the cost of a large painting and bring with them a history and a grandeur from the past that is unparalleled……
See our collection of tapestries here.


  1. Congratulations for your blog! We will follow you on social networks! Greetings from Barcelona.

  2. Congratulations for your blog! We will follow you on social networks! Greetings from Barcelona.

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  4. Thank you Julia for your beautiful blog, it's really good and crafts makes this antique furniture more beautiful.