Friday, 14 March 2014

Freedom for dogs to run off the lead in the parks of London

I have aways lived in London and owned dogs for most of my life. We have two in the shop, Nancy a large brindle whippet and more recently Lucy a whippet lurcher both of whom were rescued.

They both have gentle temperaments. One of the great joys is walking with them in central London's great parks…..Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park and Holland Park, where in the winter the only users of the parks are dogs and their owners.

Please support us in the fight to save the rights of people to exercise their dogs in Kensington and Chelsea. We are being threatened by the council who are trying to bring in a law saying that all dogs will no longer be allowed off the lead anywhere in any of the parks in Kensington and Chelsea. The fear is that this will spread to other parts of London and will result in people no longer being able to own a dog in London, as if you can't exercise them it would become impossibly unkind to have one and they bring so much to so many people, especially those living alone.

There is a petition that if you would be willing to sign it and encourage other people to sign as well might stop this ridiculous infringement on all our rights.

If you love dogs and value freedom please sign the PETITION even if you don't live in London every signature helps preserve a way of life that we all value……………

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