Tuesday, 16 April 2013


England is full of grand country houses and one of our favourite interior decorators Mark Gillette. He has been working on a magnificent Georgian house in the Cotswolds. The May issue of House & Garden with photographs by Simon Brown has ten pages devoted to the restoration and decoration of this beautiful house. Built in the early 18th century c. 1700 and with extensive alterations by John Soane in 1791. The house has been restored for family use by the new owners.

Seen here in a photograph taken in 1890

Seen here after restoration

(photograph by Simon Brown for House & Garden)

In one of the bedrooms Mark used a large black Chinoiserie wardrobe with gilt decoration that came from the shop

(photograph by Simon Brown for House & Garden)

(photograph by Simon Brown for House & Garden)

Seen here is a large collection of framed Laura Knight drawings close hung, the way I like to hang pictures. In the foreground is a large chandelier.

(photograph by Simon Brown for House & Garden)

This 19th century large gilt bronze chandelier could give a grand look to your country drawing room


hung in front of a large set of 19th century mounted dried ferns in gilt and painted frames

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