Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Many years ago I visited friends who had a flat in Rome. The flat was in an ancient palazzo and was completely white apart from the prints and 17th and 18th century paintings on the walls. The effect has always remained in my memory as something wonderful. Even the frames were white, not something that aways works, but close hanging of prints seems to be coming back as a great look. What you hang on the wall can make a room and this was the proof. The only colour was the art and the people, the furniture was white too.......The hall was close hung with black and white 18th century architectural prints which lead into the most beautiful large drawing room hung with fabulous paintings.

I have always close hung pictures and prints at home and we have also done it in the country. It works both in a town house and a country house. In the shop we do the same.

Here in English designer Anouska Hempel's country house  the walls are covered in marvellous framed antique prints as shown in the April issue of Architectural Digest.

The bathroom is also hung with antique sporting prints

Below old framed photographs surround the mirror in our bathroom in the country

An assortment of travel prints are hung above the bath  in this image from the May issue of House & Garden showing an English country house

A curious collection of framed braces and suspenders, part of a 19th century French travelling sales man's collection make for a great look, shown here in our house in the country. Framed in hand painted cream and pale blue frames.

For that all British, or to be more precise, Scottish look,  these coloured 19th century prints of Scottish Clansmen framed in faux rosewood frames with ebonised corner pieces with ivory coloured pyramids would make great decoration. To see them all click on the image below


and if you feel that a little more of that classic English look is what you are after we have a set of twelve 18th century armourial prints framed in ebonised frames

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