Monday, 2 April 2012


The sun has been shining for days and in England it doesn't rain any more. For the small business in this digital age good weather is a help and we have had more people in the shop.............but not for long as the King's Road is about to be dug up from the middle of April until the end of June. It seems that we will be marooned in an island of solid traffic so one naturally turns to the digital world for communication.

This morning my illustrious bank bought in a new "improved" online service, oh doesn't work! Nor is expected to work today..........the old system is gone the new is not there. So forget the money side of things and enjoy the weather!

We do however have new stock arriving. We have the most fabulous early 18th century Beauvais tapestry. Almost 11 foot wide and over 6 foot high with good colours and in perfect condition.

Meanwhile in the country it has been so warm that everything is in advance and our geese are now sitting on their nest on the island and the barn owls have laid the first egg.

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