Friday, 1 April 2011


Fresh orange juice is one of the little luxuries of life and blood oranges are so exotic...............

Friday morning we often go to the market in Portobello Road to buy fruit and veg, better known for the antiques stalls on a Saturday this is also the best place I know for fruit and veg. there is also an Italian stall selling virgin olive oil and other Italian goodies, a French stall sell the best cheeses and sausages and my favorite stall for flowers and plants. Most of the hellebores growing in the garden came from this wonderful stall.

  Raining or sunny the stall holders are there........   

Portobello cat, sits on his windowsill pensively staring into space with his friends..............from there we head for our shops in the King's Road. This time of year I am always amazed by the flowering trees, every year they seem to be better and this is no exception, something I don't remember form a few years back are the glorious bright yellow Mimosa or wattle trees, they and the magnolias have been wonderful.

Magnolia tree in the Boltons

My Wattle Tree, that is growing in our back garden in Notting Hill. These trees originally imported from Australia  are now native across most of southern Europe,  and seem to be  surviving the English winters.

We always have framed sets botanical prints usually 18th and early 19th century they can be seen on

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