Tuesday, 29 March 2011


front door in summer

Some time ago we were invited to stay with friends in the South of France. What started as a two week holiday became  an adventure, we came back to London the owners of a beautiful villa situated in rolling countryside in the Var about 50 km due north of St Tropez. As we drove south we had discussed the possibility of buying a house in France and decided that.......IF.....  we did get something,  it would be by a raging torrent or in the mountains............this is neither. You approach the house down a lane surrounded by vineyards and in the spring wild flowers. In May the house is covered in wisteria and you can sit on the terrace outside the sitting room watching the sun setting behind the hill.

Pergola dining room with wisteria

We have a wonderful garden with mature trees,  a lavender field and an olive grove, that this year produced our own olive oil!

View from terrace

We are now letting the house when we aren't there and details can be seen at VILLA LES VIGNES

Meanwhile back in England spring has arrived. The clocks went forward last Sunday and finally we have longer days. The conversation turned to "blogging" last night. One of my oldest friends Andrew Carmichael a vet for many years in Holland Park came for dinner and the conversation turned as it does to what you can.......should........or.......shouldn't say on your blog. It was decided that the old maxim that covered dinner parties in London in the 1950's should apply...........no politics, no religion and never discuss money! So this blog looks like it will remain as it is...............

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