Tuesday 26 April 2016


This blog is supposed to be about the everyday life of an antiques dealer on the King's Road in London........well, at the moment, we have the unenvious pleasure of being in the middle of huge works to replace the old gas mains with vast shiny new yellow ones. This entails digging huge holes in the road and sending the traffic off in the opposite direction.....well at least around the block, so getting here can be a bit of an adventure at the moment. Though I don't remember the London cab driver calling it an adventure last week....when I jumped into his taxi. The works, which started at the end of February,  are destined to last until October this year. So shopping from the website might be less stressful for the time being! We have a page with new items that is updated regularly click here to see it

Next week the saga of the gas main escalates as our part of the King's Road becomes one way heading into town, for the rest of the works. They have very kindly put up placards to tell the passers by that all the shops are open "as usual" not sure I would agree about the usual part but we are all open and here!
More soon.........

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