Tuesday, 13 August 2013


A mad gardener since child hood, as children my brother and I had small beds that were ours to look after, choosing the plants and keeping them alive and looking good. Bright orange and mauve flowers were combined with enthusiasm "sweety shop" taste as  Greek garden designing friend would have called the look.

I now am lucky enough to have two terraces and a small garden in Notting Hill where hours are happily spent.

To be able to buy plants ready planted, that just need taking home, is aways a plus especially if they have a special look. India Edwards who trained in garden design is selling a ready made look, and if you like slightly wild looking, whimsy pretty plants this is what she has for sale at the week end out side what Vogue called the 'coolest deli in North London' Minkies Deli on Chamberlayne Road. There from early till late it is worth checking out. India doesn't only 'design' pots she normally designs the whole gardens some of her work can be seen on her website.

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