Monday, 18 February 2013


Sometimes you are lucky enough to buy something that you think is wonderful. Last week we hung our latest tapestry on the end wall of the shop. It is a large late 17th early 18th century Mortlake tapestry depicting Apollo at Vulcan's Forge, the moment when the God Apollo visits Vulcan and tells him that his wife Venus is having an affair with Mars the God of war.  Apollo is shown wearing a red toga turning towards Vulcan who is not seen but his anvil and tools are depicted to the bottom right hand side of the tapestry. Venus and Mars are seen to the left in an embrace. Apollo's chariot is shown in the clouds above his head. It is surrounded by a very distinctive  border with side caryatid figures, with the male satyr head and torso to the left and the female on the right, both supported upon exaggerated corbels with enveloping acanthus leaves, woven on a blue ground.

Tapestries can make a room, there is a richness and a warmth in the colours and texture of the weaving, they are usually large and can fill a wall, giving a luxurious atmosphere and sense of grandeur.

Seen below is a late 17th early 18th century Aubusson tapestry depicting the Rape of Europa, the colours are predominately blue and are picked up by the same blue used in the curtains.

The first warm weather arrived at the week end and the snow had almost totally gone. The snowdrops are appearing en masse and the sun was shining. The garden is starting to show the first signs of re-awakening after the snow and frost.

The rooks are already taking up their places by last year's nests behind the village church

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