Monday, 19 November 2012


The days are getting shorter  at our house in Northamptonshire, November is a time of big fires frosty mornings and amazing colours. The leaves this year seem brighter than ever and the colour can be almost blinding when you walk under the oaks that arch above your head in blazing golds and reds. The evening skies have been putting on displays of  colour to match the richness of the trees below.

As in London we adore pictures and prints and hang them close together, covering the walls from low to high. In this, our drawing room in the country we have a large Verdigris Hexagonal Lantern hanging  from Charles extensive range in the centre of the room.

At this time of the year the fire blazes and week ends are cosy affairs in front of the fireplace, with good books, the week end's papers and going through auction catalogues looking for stock for the shop. 

We have just had in a wonderfully stylish early 19th century French mahogany bookcase, the glazed doors with the original glass and discreet yet high quality gilt bronze ornamentation.
empire bookcase

More soon...................

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