Sunday, 1 July 2012


We are back in the Var at our wonderful house hidden in the hills outside the small village of St-Antonin-du-Var. From Heathrow airport where we ran into the photographer Nicky Taylor a new a and rising star to Nice where we were met by friends and then dinner at our house an hour and a half later we were sitting down to my favourite smoked salmon washed down with a glass of our delicious  local wine.
The garden is a joy.  Large and a mixture of high maintenance formal clipped box and hedges and wild exuberant oleanders, pencil thin cypress that smell so wonderful and the contorted evergreen oaks that cover the local hills. 

The village restaurant has changed hands and is now apparently good though we haven't yet been, you can always get a great pizza 3 days a week....
For cooking at home we have Danielle who runs a good bakery and the village shop. In the summer there is a small cafe outside the bakery

more soon..................

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