Thursday, 8 March 2012


Last week end it was snowing, but spring is on the way. The spring equinox which heralds the start of spring in England is on the 20th March..........not far off. The mimosa trees are in full flower adding dashes of bright yellow to the still wintery scene in London. In London we have a small walled garden  in Notting hill and our mimosa makes for a bright start to the day!

The hellebores flower early and are looking so chic...........some flowers are just inherently in good taste and the hellebore is one of them. They have a simplicity and charm that I adore. The winter is a hard time for the stylish garden................I rely on clipped box, evergreen jasmine and a few other staples but usually give up and pray for the spring to come and with it the excitement of what grows. We have been there for over thirty years and the garden has grown and developed around us. Used as an outside dining room it is planted with predominantly perfumed white flowering plants. I wanted the garden to look good in the dark for dinners 'al fresco' in the summer.

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