Tuesday, 17 January 2012


We left London for our house in Provence just before Christmas, instead of driving for two days we took the train to Aix-en-Provence, via Lille.

The Christmas lights of London ..............................

were replaced by the brightest of stars in profoundly black skies.

It was as if we had never been away.........the sky was still the most intense blue. Thick white frosts glistened on the lavendar plants in the garden, the bright red berries had white coverings that melted away as the sun rose and with it the cold of the night. By midday, and out of he wind, and in the sun it was a very  comfortable heat for lunching outside.

Christmas with friends on the hill opposite and lunch in St. Tropez with more friends combined with long walks made for a perfect break. The house is for rent and is beautiful at any time of the year, and information is at Villa Les Vignes.

The evenings spent putting the final touches to our new website. After some technical glitches and a few days off line,  it went back on line just after Christmas. We have a new look, the site had been there for years we just added more and more to it and the time had come for something drastic...............we've finally done it.

The year has started off well with some good sales. New in the shop is this handsome sideboard
Gillow side board
and a pair of well proportioned side tables
irish mahogany

There will be more soon.....................

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