Tuesday, 29 November 2011


 November has been the warmest on record, the oaks are still golden and winter still seems to be in the future.

The season of mushrooms is drawing to a close, but they are still there some good, some not so good..........

The birch cèpe grows in our garden and has been the base of many a Saturday lunch with pasta......
Fry up some bacon and garlic add the cèpes at the last minute with some chopped parsley and mix with what ever pasta you like

New in is this fantastic pair of Irish mahogany consoles, ideal for an entrance hall or dining room. With the simplicity of the beautiful mahogany colouring, and the fine masculine carving, they will add a touch of grandeur to any room.

They are shown with a magnificent set of 12 Jamaican pressed ferns collected by a Britsh Army Corporal in Jamaica in the 1880's. The ferns are incredibly well preserved, it is possible to see detailed parts of the leaves which are thinner than a human hair. It is amazing to think of an army man of the late 19th century, stationed in Jamaica, would dedicate so much time and effort to such an unusual subject. The results are breathtakingly detailed.

Framed in water gilt and painted frames they are highly decorative. 
With Christmas in mind the shop is full of inspiration, sets of embroidered napkins

Pair of linen napkins intials RL

for larger images click here

Bone handled knives and forks add a touch of glamour to the Christmas table 
Study Of Two Turkeys By Anna Kozlowska
More soon..........................

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