Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Keeping up is the problem, you are trying to update your antiques web site, your 1stdibs pages..........the images are of course different sizes.

Shown in shop
Then there is the site for the children's name pictures,
                the house in France. We are heading down to the Var soon.......

Side of the front terrace

You master the joys of html.........or at least some of them, you think about learning to java and then remember that you are supposed to be an antiques dealer not a nerd; and then of course you teach yourself how to take vaguely reasonable photographs and it's back to being a nerd again, glued to a vast Mac display.

We lost one of our baby owls about three weeks ago, found drowned, so sad, so many young birds and animals don't make it.

The gardens in London and Northamptonshire are loosing the summer look, autumn is arriving and we had the first Birch Cep from the garden, we almost always have pasta for lunch at the week end. This time it was bacon, garlic and ceps.

Then you remember that are supposed to  tweet about it all on twitter and follow it on Facebook and remain sane, and while you trying to remember what you are doing skype keeps popping up...................

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