Thursday, 5 May 2011


 I had this wonderful message from a happy client recently..............

"Modern commerce is really to be marveled at: a large piece of furniture, spied on the internet late on a Friday evening is happily ensconced some 4,000 miles away 12 days later. Amazing."

How things have changed, from the wonders of the Nikon Nikkormatt was almost indestructible, twice into the sea once off Maine the other time near Athens,  to the polaroid,

instant photos at about £1 each to the joys of the digital age. The digital camera, the mighty Mac and the software to design websites, blog, maintain your Facebook profile.......I have yet to start twittering about ormulu and veneers, but all of these things have become part of a way of life.

This evening we had squealing girls with their noses pressed to the shop window.............ah what it is to have a celebrity in the shop..............even if you don't realise  that you have, am I the only dealer not have recognised Madonna when she came in, the list of unrecognised stars is long my ignorance is  I suppose rather embarrassing! One of the most exciting moments of doing Antiques Fairs was when Jesse Norman came around the Battersea Decorative Antiques Fair many years ago when I exhibited there, for me she is a serious star..........

As they say "BRAVA LA JESSYE"

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