Friday, 4 March 2011


On Tuesday morning we were invited by Kate Slesinger, publishing director of  House & Garden to the launch of their Trend Report given by Carole Annett and Julia Page. It was a time to catch up on what is happening in the outside was a great presentation and very interesting.

Green and Recycling is in and can be stylish, great news for an antiques dealer, these were words that warmed my heart, as after all recycling furniture, pictures and objets d'art are what all antiques dealers do.....

Louis XV Commode by Guillaume Schwingkens c 1750 

From the house, to furniture, clothes and food, organic and sustainable is the way forward.  This is where the old or antique is able to shine. Almost always organic, and due to it's value and artistic merit less likely to be thrown away,  antiques are in a semi permanent state of being recycled.

I have always believed that furniture and paintings are only temporally given to us to enjoy and maintain for a period of time, that they don't really belong to any one, we are just custodians until it is time for them to move on.

London is freezing cold but sunny, there seem to be more people around and today we had a wonderful and glamourous American in the shop. She bought a very chic Deco dressing table and was such fun. What a joy it is when fun, nice people come in.

Despite the cold there are signs of  spring in the garden................

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