Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I particularly love the shop when we have just had a delivery of new things. Sometimes furniture, but this morning it was pictures and a tapestry. 

The loves of the Gods........ woven in fine wool in the 1680's, the colours are wonderful the blue wools are probably dyed with "bleu de pastel"  woad in English, Isatis Tinctoria was until the 17th century,  the only source of blue dye in Europe, this all changed when Indigo was bought over from India. 

Other tapestries in the shop
Food is an important part of life and it's presentation is part of the pleasure. Mixing the old and the new can work so well, antique linens,  silver forks and spoons with the dull shine of 19th century French steel knives.                                                                                              

This white faience Cabbage Leaf Tureen is one of the things that we have to decorate the dining room...which makes me think of entertaining. All antiques can be seen at Julia Boston 

Last week old friends from school days came to dinner, we had lost touch, they had moved to Canada by way of Tehran, we talked of old times, our parents and brothers........years matter but they don't alter friendships, you just need to look after them. My brother Charlie Boston became an expert in leasehold enfranchisement and a musician;  Farrokh's brother became a marvelous photographer. Firooz Zahedi whom I did A levels with, whose mother taught me how to play back gammon, and who will be hopefully having an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery here in London.
more signs of spring........

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