Thursday, 24 February 2011

It's been a long time.................

This is the most extraordinary and beautiful place not far from the motorway heading south from Calais. The road we most often take when going south to the house we have in the Var.  The Canadian War Memorial in Vimy, a remarkable tribute to the fallen of the first world war.

Designed by Walter Seymour Allward and unveiled in 1936, it is both magnificent and very moving, there is strange poignancy to the veiled figure looking out over the valley.

St Antonin du Var, where we spent the whole of September is a long drive to Provence, the house looks south towards the sea and St Tropez. In an un-spoilt area of olive groves and thickly wooded hills, good food and friendly people.

Christmas and the New Year in the snow with family and friends, London looked divine with a thick white overcoat......

The shop is looking great and we have new stock in. The characters for the children's drawings are increasing and spring is on it's way.............more soon

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  1. I LOVE this post an education too!!!!!!! You have to blog more regularly
    Ms. Boston.....see you tomorrow.